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About ASM

As a leading Southeast Queensland sheet metal fabricator, Aussie Sheet Metal has firmly established its reputation for providing the highest quality Australian-made fabricated metal products. 

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Quality Products 

Quality is the first step we take in ensuring customer satisfaction

Satisfied Clients 

Your experience is our top priority

First Class Service

Experienced staff to help make your shop easier

Fast Delivery 

Quick and convenient delivery to customers in South East Queensland

The History

Aussie Sheet Metal has firmly established its reputation for providing the highest quality Australian-made fabricated metal products. Over the past decade, we have been fabricating metal to exacting standards for discerning clients.

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Aussie Sheet Metal has served its local community for over 14 years and has always been customers' first choice when providing a first-class service. At ASM, our legacy has been established through generational success and dedication with a total of 73 years of industry experience. ASM has always stood out from the crowd and has been a primary choice for customers local and inter-state.

ASM works closely with leading industry experts and has used its resources to provide its wider community with outstanding services and experiences. From Tier 1 Commercial projects to Home Improvement and do-it-yourself projects, ASM will always prioritise your satisfaction and exceed expectations with quality industrial products, first-class customer service and high-rate job completion times.

Perhaps our high-standard quality products or low-costs play a determining role in selecting ASM as your metal products provider. Either way, the only plan here at ASM is to keep doing what we are doing — rolling, shaping, folding, welding, and completing products in fabricated sheet metal to the highest standards.

Our Trusted Partners

We are in good company.

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